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Get Ready For The Tea Party Express
August 10, 2009, 8:12 pm
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Tea Party Express unveiled its new bus for its bus tour across the country.

The Mission:

End the Bailouts!
No Government Run Healthcare!
Reduce the Size and Intrusiveness of Government!
Stop the Out-Of-Control Spending!
Stop Raising Our Taxes!

Albany, New York is our 30th stop on the Tea Party Express national bus tour.
Date/Time:  Thursday, September 10th at 5:30pm
Rally Location:  State Capitol (facing City Hall)
East Capitol Steps / Eagle Street
Albany, NY 12202
Resources:  Tea Party Express – Albany Rally Flyer


The video of the day, the highlights of the Townhall Meetings:

It’s Hard For Congressmen to Apologize.”



Januarey 20th 2009, The Day “The Music” (Democracy) Died…Don’t Believe The Hype!
August 8, 2009, 11:00 am
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american-pie-by-don-mcleanBye, Bye Miss American Pie!  So many of my conservative friends tell me that January 20th2009 is the day “the music” (democracy) died. Two words;  not true!  The truth is there are more reasons now to be excited about America’s future than in any other time in my lifetime!   You may be thinking to yourself, “come on TJ how can you say that?”

Sure, I’ll agree America is way off corse.  Barrack Obama with honorable mention support from the George Bush  didn’t drive the Chevy to the levee.  Forget about the levee,  our politicians(them good old boys whom I’m convinced are drinkin’ some serious  whisky and rye), are driving America off a cliff!  And yes, Februarymade me shiver with every paper they (bill) delivered.  There was bad news on the doorstep and I think we all thought we couldn’t take one more step!   But, there are some encouraging things happening that we need to take stock  of!

1.) I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance:  TEA party patriots are organizing at local and state levels and continue to wake up other Americans every day.

2.) Helter Skelter in a summer swelter:   House Reps and members of Congress on summer break currently have no place to hide!  Have you listened to the blow-back that they are getting from constituents on talk radio or seen the you tube videos? I have never seen so many politicians put into a panic!  Rep: Tim Bishop of New York has canceled all town meeting appearances.  Arlen Spector and Kathlene Sebeilius were asked some very simple questions by angry Taxpayers in Philadelphia!   They offered no answers and were booed off the stage!  Of corse, they did boo Santa Claus at a ballgame in Philadelphia in 1968 but I digress!

3.) The players tried for a forward pass, with the jester on the sidelines in a cast:  The healthcare debate has badly damaged Barack Obama and taken virtually all of his political capitol.

4.) I met a girl who sang the blues and I asked her for some happy news,
but she just smiled and turned away:
  Sarah Palin stepping down as the Governor of Alaska has made her even more popular with Americans who want partisan politics to end.  There’s hope of a  a big announcement and some happy news  for Sarah and Conservatives in the near future!

5.) They took the last train (plain) for the coast, The Day” the music” (democracy) died:Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Senator, Barbara  Boxer are going on break to find that the number and size of their liberal minions has been drastically reduced in blue state, California!

Policy Trek: The Wrath of Faux Outrage?
August 5, 2009, 10:55 pm
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wormhole-enterpriseI think the country has been sucked into a giant wormhole!  Yes its the only explanation for what is currently going on!  It’s like a bad episode of Star Trek. (of coarse Trekkers would argue that there is no such animal)

How else can you explain the following:  Every single poll of the American people suggests  that they don’t want socialized health care.  There are rallies in the streets, in front of politicians offices, houses and town meetings that have spiraled quickly out of control.  Yet the Progressive Liberal Democrats lead by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid suggest that its all fake outrage.  The media either largely downplays the protesters or does not cover them at all and the politico’s are actually calling constituents angry mobs organized by the insurance companies or Fox News or the GOP.  Funny it’s the same tactic they used with the TEA parties.

The Quinnipiac Poll found that 39% approve of Obamacare and 52% disapprove.  That’s a 17% swing from the Quinnipiac Poll released a month ago when 46% approved and 42% disapproved.  That’s because the more Americans know about this program, the less they like President Obama’s plans to take over the health insurance industry and therefore, the medical care of 300 million Americans.

Yep…I’m no scientist, but it must be a wormhole! something is out of whack with the space time continuem!  Do they really think we are this stupid?  Do they really think they are going to get away with this?  What they don’t understand is that most conservatives are pissed off at both the Democrats and the Republicans.  Conservatives are mad and a part of the protests, but the maddest of all constituents are those whom would classify themselves independent.

If I wasn’t so hacked off about the fact that these people are trying to steal our country out from right under our feet, I’d laugh.  Have you seen the  Acorn folks in the nice matching organized t-shirts with custom professionally printed banners and signs.  Now thats what I call organized.  The T-shirts the signs they all cost money.  Have you seen the poeple protesting healthcare…no fancy t-shirts….I wonder who funded those home made signs!

The very people who brought us the Wes Boyd-funded Move On, the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, and the union-funded ACORN comes complaints that the Tea Party people and the health care people are “AstroTurf” and not a grassroots movement.  These politicians must only understand  Klingon!  Because they are not hearing the people they work for.

Voters across the country are taking their phasers off stun and going for the kill!  Scotty, warp vector 9 to the 2010 elections because not even the deflector shields will hold them back and save the Democrats.   Keep telling your constituents that they are AstroTurf and this is all fake anger.  You will anger them even further and they will defeat you and your health care plan…So that we can, “Live long and prosper!”

TEA For 2…TEA For Me and TEA For You!
July 30, 2009, 10:15 am
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tea_party_cup_2_white_0lv6The state run media, for the most part ignored the TEA Party movement on July 4th.  Take into consideration that we had between 125 and 150 in the park in downtown Barre on Independence day and that there were 5 other simultaneous events happening all over the state.  With all of the traditions, activities and family responsibilitiesthat go with the holiday, I think it was a tremendous turnout and event.

We have been extremely supportive of the movement on the show and I have been honored to speak at a couple of events.  It is empowering to see that people are waking up but, I think its time that the TEA parties stop reaching for symbolic dates.  Tax day, July 4th ect.

The truth is that this is all new to conservatives.  We have jobs, we have lives and we have families.  Most of the people I have met at the TEA party movements are new to the whole idea of protest.  

Case in point: Krisitn Solstrom from Barre.   She organized the Barre City TEA party on July 4th.  She did a fantastic job having never done anything of the sort before.  She is  just a mom who has become really disturbed about the direction that our state and country are moving.

I would rather have 100 Kristin Solstrom’s than 1000 Acorn activists.  Why, because 100 Kristin Solstrom’s have decided for themselves that enough is enough.  Contrast to; 1,000 Acorn activists whom have been given a red t-shirt and told how to think and what to do!   The TEA party protesters are not bussed in or payed to stand and hold a sign.  The left can continue to say that the movement is being funded by Fox News or the GOP!  All of these claims are a smokescreen aimed at discrediting real Americans who have become reluctant  participants.

It really is time for the TEA Party Patriots to organize an event that happens on a average Saturday that has no symbolic significance.  Organizers should allow 6 to 8 weeks to promote it.  This will allow the Average Joe or Jane to participate without having to compete with work or family responsibilities and holiday traditions.

The next big date on the schedule is 09-12-09.  I believe is perfect, It is symbolic, but not on a holiday and happens to be a Saturday!  Be rest assured you will see me there! 

Many of you are aware of Glenn Beck’s 9-12 project. If you are not more details are available at the   

I humbly submit these ideas and at the same time would like to share with you the latest plans and info from the Vermont TEA Party.  If you are interested in joining the movement or helping in anyway, more info is available at   

 John Wallace writes: 

A heartfelt thank you to those who joined us in body as well as in spirit for the July 4th rallies in St. Albans, Burlington, Barre, Rutland, Manchester & Mount Independence. They were a great success. The intensity & sense of urgency for change in the political direction of our state & country was like static crackling in the air…the thunder & lightening helped emphasize the point!

Also, a great thanks to those who came out for our HR3200/Health Care Bill Protest at Vermont’s Congressional Delegation’s offices in Burlington, St. Johnsbury & Montpelier on the 17th…they can run, but they cannot hide. As truth  raises its head, people are dismissing the lies! Our ranks are filling & our momentum grows! Don’t keep the patriot’s faith, share it!

Points of Note, FYI’s & Future Dates

We will be holding Tea Party Organizing Meetings to help “Organize the Organization” within the next two weeks. Please contact your city’s/town organizer(s) for details on date, time & place. We need your participation…. Info will be posted on
(Each city’s organizer’s emails addresses located at end of email)
We are organizing 9/12 Bus Trip(s) to Washington DC for the “American Patriot’s Mass March” on Sat. Sept 12, 2009. We need people to help organize this. Info:

We are organizing statewide events for 9/12 for those people who do not want to go to DC (looking to expand into the eastern counties/Connecticut River Valley & Northeast Kingdom, the southern counties- Windham/Bennington—If you would like to help organize, please contact info:
We are starting a Vermont Tea Party Patriot Newsletter—starting off monthly with monthly editions…contributions/articles are welcome–events, parades, fairs, meetings, articles of interest…Please make the contribution concise, with correct punctuation/spelling etc… reply to
Important Point to Remember: We are asking everyone to dedicate just 10 minutes per day to “political pursuits.” When accomplished, the total of all your energies, will be far greater than the sum of the individual parts. This movement is not about “I the person”, it is about “We the People”…there is strength only with numbers, and each one of you can contribute in some way, no matter how large or small. That is how we affect Real Change! In 1775, we had the Minute Man Militia, today we are asking you to be the 10 Minute Man & Woman Tea Party Activist.
Possible 10 Minute Political Activist Activities :
Volunteer to help Tea Party Movement(!),

Call a/or write Senator a/or Congressman, State Legislator, [VTPE—Voice, Telephone, Pen, Email]
Read Washington Times Article, or other non-mainstream media source,

Speak to a friend about issues, invite them to join Tea Party Movement,

Write a “letter to the editor” of local newspaper,
Search on-line a/or read local “main stream media & print out/cut out article if it contains info that can be used for TP Movement

Search bill tracking sites to learn about various bills that are moving through Washington or Montpelier
Keep informed by going to (if you are a website designer…looking for help with website!)

Create your politically Active Community of Tea Party Activists—invite friends over for “Tea” (coffee or cocktails) and specifically talk about issues…then follow up with what can be done as political activists.
Just voting is not enough! No Whine & Cheese Parties
Read politically relevant books, David Horowitz, Mark Levin, Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Ann Duncan, Bernie Goldberg, Kevin Jackson etc)…maybe start a “book club” discussion with friends. (We will be posting a Tea Party Booklist on the website, please email suggestions to
Listen & call  Talk Radio Shows:

National Talk Shows on 1450 WSNO 
Glenn Beck M-F 9-12N;Rush Limbaugh M-F 12-3pm; Sean Hannity M-F 3-6pm.

Local: The TJ Michaels Show, Sat 7-9 am 802-479-3256—TJ is a very big supporter of the Tea Party Movement, and deserves your support as well!

Join Vermont Tea Party Google Group for discussion of issues… the following address is for general Vermont Tea Party Discussion: join this group, you will need to reply to invitation, which will follow soon or click onto above link to receive invite) New topic specific Google Groups will be added as needed.
The “opposition” has already begun organizing for the next legislative session. They are conspiring, creating the argument that “all the state government cuts have been made that can be made, therefore the state budget will have to increase again.” We know this is bunk. This is the audacity of arrogance that is dismissive of your fiscally frugal voice. WE ask everyone to start gathering information, (press, email, TV/radio news etc.)…we will utilize the information that it collected by all of you. We know which State Legislators, regardless of political party vote to increase your taxes, fees & mandates. You, all of us, WE, must hold them accountable on their record not their rhetoric…their lies, deflections & red herrings will not be accepted nor tolerated.
Nationally…The Administration/Congress is quickly pushing for the government run HR3200 (“Universal” Health Care Bill.) Your calls to Senators and Representatives are working, keeping the Bill from moving through committees…please, don’t stop calling! We can and will stop this bill that will bankrupt the country. This has been referred to as the “Kill Grandma Bill,” as it effectively is war upon elderly, little children, and those who have serious health issues…all those who need health care the most. This bill will limit access to health care as well as reduce the quality of health care…Period. There are many blatant lies being stated by our ex-Gov., the Pres., Congress, especially our Congressional Delegation.
Calls from you are the best, faxes are better than emails—they have to record faxes. (This is why when you are burning up the fax lines, they turn off their fax lines!) Good Going. Contact info below! (AS of 7-24-09..focus on House of Reps, vote will be soon, Senate may be delayed…will keep you posted)
Sen. Leahy—Sen- VT
202-224-4242 DC Ph202-224-3479
Sen. Sanders –Sen-Vt
202-224-5141 DC ph202-228-0776 Fax
Rep Peter Welch D-VT
202-225-4115 ph202-225-6790 fax
Democrat Blue Dog List: (Blue Dogs are the swing vote…keep calling these people and support them in opposing the Health Care Bill–HR3200
House Members:
Cap & Trade/HR2454 (now called ACES-American Clean Energy & Strategy ) is still in play. The Administration/Congress is looking to pass this in Sept., so we will keep you informed as the Bill moves. Call/faxes/emails can still be made on this bill to keep up pressure.
Sat & Sunday July 25 &26 Mount Independence, Orwell, Vt.
Soldiers Atop the Mount– Revolutionary War Reenactment
Sat & Sun Start at 10:00 am
(for info call 802-948-2000

Please support the re-enactors.They keep the flame of our true history alive, versus the revisionist history that is taught in schools. Also, make sure that you sign the petition to keep the Hubbardton Battlefield open. When History Exits, Despotism Enters.

The government is putting the Hubbardton Battlefield on a list of possibilities to close. Vermont has a ratio of 22:1000 (state employees to 1000 people); the national state average is 14/1000. It is not responsible to close a historical site, which brings tourist dollars into the state, especially when the state’s largest employer is tourism…convoluted logic!
Tea Party Organizational Meetings/Email addresses (for TBA, please contact organizer at email)
Barre 8-1-09 9 to 11 pm Location: TBD
Manchester TBA
Burlington TBA
Rutland TBA
St Albans TBA
keep an eye on our website for info