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Rumor Has It!
August 22, 2009, 1:45 pm
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palin-1 The Providence Journal reported that Sarah Palin is moving to Rhode Island. It cited a gossip column in the Anchorage Daily News.

Quahog is the fictional Rhode Island town that is the setting for the cartoon series, “Family Guy.”

Since stepping down as Governor of Alaska, the attacks from the dems and the media continue.  What is it that they are afraid of?  I think I know.  Click this link to find out for yourself:  The Palinphobes in the state-run media & in dem leadership just do not get it.  Every time they take aim at her they boost her public profile which puts her in a better position to fire back from Facebook land.

As much as anyone else, it’s the Palin haters who’ve made her a media superstar & who’ve driven everybody to her FB page to see what she’ll say in response, which in turn gives her gives her the massive – and absolutely free – public platform to whack the bejeesus out of Obama’s crooked crypto-fascist policies while she’s got the increased attention that the dems have inexplicably deliberately given to her!

Just how stupidly self-defeating can these lefties be?  It’s like taking yourself to the woodshed!  Or maybe it’s the VRWC at work. Using Karl Rove’s mind-control ray, they’ve forced all the libs to write scurrilous rumors to drive traffic to Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

Remember, all of the attention that Sarah Palin gets, whether it comes from the state run media or from the dems, is a true testament to how completely successful she is.  You know she is a threat by the number of attack dogs that surround her.  If she does move to Rhode Island let’s hope its not to close to Quagmire…Giggity, Giggity!


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