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Januarey 20th 2009, The Day “The Music” (Democracy) Died…Don’t Believe The Hype!
August 8, 2009, 11:00 am
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american-pie-by-don-mcleanBye, Bye Miss American Pie!  So many of my conservative friends tell me that January 20th2009 is the day “the music” (democracy) died. Two words;  not true!  The truth is there are more reasons now to be excited about America’s future than in any other time in my lifetime!   You may be thinking to yourself, “come on TJ how can you say that?”

Sure, I’ll agree America is way off corse.  Barrack Obama with honorable mention support from the George Bush  didn’t drive the Chevy to the levee.  Forget about the levee,  our politicians(them good old boys whom I’m convinced are drinkin’ some serious  whisky and rye), are driving America off a cliff!  And yes, Februarymade me shiver with every paper they (bill) delivered.  There was bad news on the doorstep and I think we all thought we couldn’t take one more step!   But, there are some encouraging things happening that we need to take stock  of!

1.) I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance:  TEA party patriots are organizing at local and state levels and continue to wake up other Americans every day.

2.) Helter Skelter in a summer swelter:   House Reps and members of Congress on summer break currently have no place to hide!  Have you listened to the blow-back that they are getting from constituents on talk radio or seen the you tube videos? I have never seen so many politicians put into a panic!  Rep: Tim Bishop of New York has canceled all town meeting appearances.  Arlen Spector and Kathlene Sebeilius were asked some very simple questions by angry Taxpayers in Philadelphia!   They offered no answers and were booed off the stage!  Of corse, they did boo Santa Claus at a ballgame in Philadelphia in 1968 but I digress!

3.) The players tried for a forward pass, with the jester on the sidelines in a cast:  The healthcare debate has badly damaged Barack Obama and taken virtually all of his political capitol.

4.) I met a girl who sang the blues and I asked her for some happy news,
but she just smiled and turned away:
  Sarah Palin stepping down as the Governor of Alaska has made her even more popular with Americans who want partisan politics to end.  There’s hope of a  a big announcement and some happy news  for Sarah and Conservatives in the near future!

5.) They took the last train (plain) for the coast, The Day” the music” (democracy) died:Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Senator, Barbara  Boxer are going on break to find that the number and size of their liberal minions has been drastically reduced in blue state, California!


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