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Policy Trek: The Wrath of Faux Outrage?
August 5, 2009, 10:55 pm
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wormhole-enterpriseI think the country has been sucked into a giant wormhole!  Yes its the only explanation for what is currently going on!  It’s like a bad episode of Star Trek. (of coarse Trekkers would argue that there is no such animal)

How else can you explain the following:  Every single poll of the American people suggests  that they don’t want socialized health care.  There are rallies in the streets, in front of politicians offices, houses and town meetings that have spiraled quickly out of control.  Yet the Progressive Liberal Democrats lead by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid suggest that its all fake outrage.  The media either largely downplays the protesters or does not cover them at all and the politico’s are actually calling constituents angry mobs organized by the insurance companies or Fox News or the GOP.  Funny it’s the same tactic they used with the TEA parties.

The Quinnipiac Poll found that 39% approve of Obamacare and 52% disapprove.  That’s a 17% swing from the Quinnipiac Poll released a month ago when 46% approved and 42% disapproved.  That’s because the more Americans know about this program, the less they like President Obama’s plans to take over the health insurance industry and therefore, the medical care of 300 million Americans.

Yep…I’m no scientist, but it must be a wormhole! something is out of whack with the space time continuem!  Do they really think we are this stupid?  Do they really think they are going to get away with this?  What they don’t understand is that most conservatives are pissed off at both the Democrats and the Republicans.  Conservatives are mad and a part of the protests, but the maddest of all constituents are those whom would classify themselves independent.

If I wasn’t so hacked off about the fact that these people are trying to steal our country out from right under our feet, I’d laugh.  Have you seen the  Acorn folks in the nice matching organized t-shirts with custom professionally printed banners and signs.  Now thats what I call organized.  The T-shirts the signs they all cost money.  Have you seen the poeple protesting healthcare…no fancy t-shirts….I wonder who funded those home made signs!

The very people who brought us the Wes Boyd-funded Move On, the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, and the union-funded ACORN comes complaints that the Tea Party people and the health care people are “AstroTurf” and not a grassroots movement.  These politicians must only understand  Klingon!  Because they are not hearing the people they work for.

Voters across the country are taking their phasers off stun and going for the kill!  Scotty, warp vector 9 to the 2010 elections because not even the deflector shields will hold them back and save the Democrats.   Keep telling your constituents that they are AstroTurf and this is all fake anger.  You will anger them even further and they will defeat you and your health care plan…So that we can, “Live long and prosper!”


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