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August 4, 2009, 5:48 pm
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You have to ask yourself what this world is coming too and exactly how does  Hollyweird turn people into spineless, politically correct, American apoligist liberals?  I’m guessing there is something in the water there.  

This weekend GI Joe The Rise of Cobra opens in theatres.  When I was a kid the greatest toys you could possibly have had said in big letters on them “A Real American Hero!”  It was the post Vietnam 80’s and Ronald Reagan had made America proud of its military forces!  All of the G.I. Joe toys and cartoons were unabashedly patriotic.   

As an adult I was kind of excited (in a really geeky kind of way) about the release of movie and thought that this might be a great opportunity for Hollywood to make a movie that gives American Soldiers the respect they deserve.  I should have known better!

The new movie is GI JOE not G.I. Joe.  The “G.I.” has always been a military term that stood for General Infantry.  General Infantry has been replaced with something totally different!  It seems that nothing is sacred to the Hollyweird liberals!

GI JOE now is an acronym for Global Integrated Joint Operated Entity.   Why?  Why change it?  Because,  in the liberal land of Hollyweird, a Real American Hero is just unacceptable. Nope, it’s gotta be a global zero. GI JOE is about a global operation, not an American one.

Paramount’s studio’s live-action feature film version of G.I. Joe will no longer revolve around a top-secret U.S. special forces team but rather an international operation. Variety magazzine says: “G.I. Joe is now a Brussels-based outfit, an international co-ed force of operatives who use hi-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer.

So why the changes?  Hasbro and Paramount execs recently spoke about the challenges of marketing a film about the U.S. military at a time when the current U.S. president and apologist in chief is on a world wide American apology tour!

In short, when a studio makes a film as expensive as G.I. Joe will likely be, they want to know that as many people as possible around the world will want to see it.  In other words, G.I. Joe has traded  “Real American Hero” status to become “A Global Zero!”

In Hollyweird  nothing patriotic or American is worth preserving.   They don’t make movies like they did during WWII, in which America, the military, and our soldiers were portrayed as the strong patriotic heroes that they are.  Instead today’s movies constantly tell the viewer that Uncle Sam is a bad guy, our soldiers are morally corrupt  and war is “always” wrong.    

They could be supportive and make movies that showed America, our troops, and their mission in a positive light. But that would go against the liberal agenda.   

Where is the movie for all of us who are proud of our soldiers?


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